Officers was PSC to investigate COP Erla Harewood Christopher over promotions issues

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Officers was PSC to investigate COP Erla Harewood Christopher over promotions issues

In the ongoing controversy regarding the promotion of officers in the Trinidad and Tobago police service, officers want Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood Christopher investigated by the Police Service Commission (PSC).
At letter has been dispatched to the PSC by Attorneys representing 93 police officers to probe Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-ChristOopher. The officer through their attorneys want the PSC to act against Harewood-Christopher for what they describe as her mishandling of promotions for over 2,000 constables dating back to 2009.

The Police Service Commission is an independent body established in accordance with Section 122 of the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Section 123 (1) of the Constitution gives the Police Service Commission the power to:-
(a) appoint persons to hold or act in the office of Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Police;
(b) make appointments on promotion and to confirm appointments ;
(c) remove from office and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in the offices specified in paragraph (a);
(d) monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the discharge of their functions;

In their letter, on behalf of officers, attorneys Jagdeo Singh, Karina Singh and Leon Kalicharan reminded the PSC of its powers over the Police Commissioner, saying that dismissal proceedings can be constituted for breach of contract or reported inefficiency based on performance appraisal.
The attorney’s argued that the treatment of their clients in the promotion issue constituted both a breach of her contract for failing to ensure that “the human, financial and material resources available to the service are used in an efficient and effective manner” and her inefficient handling of the entire process.

The lawyers highlighted that part of the issue stemmed from the fact that the Promotions Advisory Board (PAB) have not properly met since 2009, creating a backlog of constables to be promoted to corporal. This backlog saw over 2,000 officers listed to be promoted.