Off-duty cop stumbles upon robbery and detains kidnapping suspect

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Off-duty cop stumbles upon robbery and detains kidnapping suspect

An off-duty female detective was given a welcomed surprise when she stumbled upon a robbery and kidnapping suspect that she has been searching for in connection with an incident involving a Port-of-Spain businessman.

While in her personal capacity shopping along Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain, on Wednesday morning, WPC Onika Pascual Medina, of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Port-of-Spain, spotted a man who matched the description of a suspect in one of her ongoing investigations walking past her.

She quickly linked the suspect to the incident involving a robbery with violence and kidnapping of a business owner which occurred in the capital city recently.

As she monitored the man, she sprinted to a specialised unit located nearby, where she requested back up from a team of police officers.

Both parties sprang into action and later cornered the suspect in the vicinity of the Charford Courts Building.

The suspect was told of the report and was conveyed to the CID Office, Port-of-Spain, where he underwent an interrogation and an identification parade.

He is to be charged with Robbery with Violence, Robbery with Aggravation, Kidnapping, and Demanding Money by Menace.

“Policing is constantly changing and times are becoming even more difficult for citizens, so it really requires of us to not see ourselves as just collecting a pay cheque, but really being servants and protectors of the people,” WPC Pascual Medina highlighted.

She clarified, “My personal needs at the time were trumped by the call of service, as we are not really truly ever off-duty. It is not an easy thing, but what can we do,” she asked, “nothing, and allow evil to win?”