Nutrimix drops the prices of its flour

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Nutrimix drops the prices of its flour

One local manufacturer of flour has announced a reduction in its pricing between 10% and 12%!

Nutrimix Flour Mills announced the prices on their Country Pride and Nutrimix Premium Grade 2kg and 10kg flour products had been reduced with effect Monday 3rd, July.

The price reduction ranges from 10% to 13% on the 2kg flour and 10% to 14% on the 10kg size.

In addition, the company said a price reduction on their entire range of 45kg products is imminent.

Nutrimix said that globally, wheat prices and shipping costs have decreased, and there has been an improvement in the reliability of the supply chain.

Locally, the company said it had experience increased FX costs (excluding USD), insurance, transportation, security and wages.

These factors collectively have inhibited them from reducing prices by a greater amount.

Nutrimix said it recognises the importance of keeping basic food items at minimal and affordable prices.