NTA makes new appointments to its governance team after Nikoli Edwards resigns

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NTA makes new appointments to its governance team after Nikoli Edwards resigns

The National Transformation Alliance has appointed Dr. Kevin Sarran as Deputy Political Leader.

Sarran’s appointment comes on the heels of the resignation of Nikoli Edwards as Deputy Political Leader.

Edwards joined the party in August 2022, while still being the political leader of his own party, the Progressive Party.

In a statement, Edwards said when he first joined the party, which did not have a constitution, serving both parties wasn’t an issue. However in June this year, the NTA drafted a constitution which would have disallowed him from holding executive positions in two political parties.

On Sunday, NTA leader Gary Griffith posted the new appointment to his team.

Along with Sarran’s appointment as NTA deputy leader, the party also named Christine Newallo-Hosein as Director – Elections, Membership and Russell Chan as Director – Finance.

Dr. Kevin Sarran is a highly respected medical doctor with over a decade of experience in surgery. His journey with the National Transformation Alliance began as the Director of Youth Progression, where his dedication to empowering the younger generation shone brightly. Kevin also excelled as the head of our Digital team, using innovative approaches and technology for unparalleled success.

Christine Newallo-Hosein is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in government and public service. She held the position of Minister of the People and Social Development from February 2015 to September 2015, and served as a Member of Parliament for Cumuto/Manzanilla from September 2015 to July 2020. She also worked as a Special Advisor to the Prime Minister and three former Ministers of Government, where she provided technical and managerial support. Her wealth of experience and her multifaceted roles in government and policy development make her a valuable asset to the NTA.

Russell Chan is a dedicated businessman committed to making a positive impact on his community and country. He co-founded the Joy of Giving foundation, channeling his drive for humanitarian work. Sharing a common vision with the NTA to reduce crime, poverty, flooding, and unemployment in Trinidad and Tobago, Russell envisions a brighter future for his beloved homeland, driven by his unwavering faith in the potential of the nation’s people.