Nicki Minaj hits the road with Tribe Carnival

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Nicki Minaj hits the road with Tribe Carnival

Two and a half years after her first public Carnival appearance, Onika Maraj, aka Nicki Minaj made her way back home.

Minaj came into the country on Carnival Sunday and was on the road, Carnival Monday with Tribe Carnival.

The international rap star was seen on top one of Tribe’s trucks with Machel Montano, Queen of Bacchanal, Destra Garcia and Skeng Don.

Unlike her last visit, Minaj was not present with her husband, Kenneth Petty – who created a media stir back in 2020 when she pushed Iwer George’s hand away from reaching out to Nicki while on the truck at the SocaDrome, Jean Pierre Complex.

T&T fans of Nicki did not give Pettt an easy pass when the incident happened.

And now despite Nicki’s social media hiatus, she has still shared bits and pieces of her Carnival experience to her Instagram stories, while Machel’s Manager, Chetan Kathorie has also been keeping fans up to date.