Nicki Minaj hit with accusations that she jacked “Barbie World” song from Saweetie


Nicki Minaj hit with accusations that she jacked “Barbie World” song from Saweetie

Nicki Minaj is accused of committing copyright theft after allegedly stealing a song from Saweetie and a prominent hip-hop writer.

The Queens rapper is getting ready to release “Barbie World” with Ice Spice on Friday coming, but there are reports that the idea for the song actually came from Saweetie, who previously teased a collaboration with Nicki Minaj before.

However, the collab did not materialize. The whole thing is being aired out by one of the writers of the sample of the original song, who claims he wrote the song with Saweetie, and he has not been credited for creating the lyrics that Minaj plans to use.

Jason Martin, also called Problem, revealed this past weekend that he has not been credited for the upcoming song which “belonged” to Saweetie.

Martin claims that he and Saweetie wrote the song together, and it was sent to Minaj to add a verse. Minaj had initially agreed to hop on the track but later changed her mind, and the song has now mysteriously been changed and is set to release featuring Ice Spice.

During an Instagram Live, Martin was incensed.

“Y’all gon’ give me what I deserve,” he said. “Now, if Saweetie don’t wanna trip, that’s on her … But we crafted a record that was sent over to Nicki to hop on to submit to the Barbie soundtrack. She said she was gonna do it … Then all of a sudden, a new version was created. Yes, it’s a sample, you can do what you want. But n****a, you can’t hear one thing, say you’re gonna do this, then go do your version. It ain’t happening like that,” he said

He continued, “Anybody that’s in this business knows that that’s not how this works.”

Minaj has not changed the song from the original name by Saweetie and Martin, and it appears that her song is ready for release Friday. The song is a sample of “Barbie World” by Aqua, but Martin says his and Saweetie’s work and ideas made it attractive to Minaj, who had the song from 2022.

“As a writer on this, I can confirm this song and idea was sent to her last year to submit for the Barbie movie. It’s sad to see that the original artist has been pushed off a song that was her idea and was meant for both of them. I have no side in this, but I will be compensated.”

Martin says this is one of the challenges writers face when it comes to their copyrights.

“If or when I need to detail the whole way it went down in regards to this Barbie s**t, you will understand why all writers need to be compensated with day rates and contracts protecting their intellectual properties the day of. Hopefully, this gets sorted out quietly. But please no I don’t scare easy.”