MOWT to launch legal taxi system campaign

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MOWT to launch legal taxi system campaign

In a bid to ensure that taxi drivers were not working at a disadvantage compared to PH taxi drivers, the Ministry of Works and Transport is set to launch a campaign to encourage people to join the legal taxi system.

Works Minister, Rohan Sinanan, said this campaign would be implemented beginning next week.

Speaking to members of the TT Taxi Drivers Network (TTTDN), an umbrella body for all legitimate taxi drivers, Sinanan said he was pleased to see that the taxi associations had formed themselves into an umbrella body, as he had requested.

He said this would make it easier to form a taxi driver advisory committee, similar to the maxi-taxi advisory committee, which will meet with the Ministry, PS and technical staff on a more formal, regular basis to identify challenges.

Sinanan also stated that a framework for a holistic approach to public transportation was submitted to Cabinet two weeks ago and he hoped it would be approved soon.
“Once Cabinet approves that, I want to assure the taxi associations that they are the first group on the list for consultation, and we are expecting to happen as early as next week because we have a timeframe for implementation.

Sinanan said there were no plans to regularise PH cars. He said the framework would take a holistic approach to the transportation system, including rideshares.