Movietowne owner willing to take offers for Tobago branch

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Movietowne owner willing to take offers for Tobago branch

Although it is not for sale, Movietowne owner, Derek Chin said he is open to accepting offers from anyone to purchase the branch at Gulf View Mall, Lowlands, Tobago.

That branch has has been closed for about ten months.

In an interview with the Express, Chin admitted “It’s not one of our better businesses overall. It’s one of the weakest of the chain. It has not been profitable business. Not enterprising. Then you are compounded with Covid-19. It was losing money from inception. It’s not a disaster but it has not been a viable business.”

Chin said he would be prepared to discuss the options with any potential buyer, and, even share some business acumen. He said: “If someone feels they can resuscitate it I would be willing to listen. Somebody may decide they want to get into the entertainment business. They want to invest in a cinema or buy a cinema. Somebody may feel they can spend more in Tobago, and work with a cinema. I am not in Tobago all the time. Who knows somebody may have won the Lotto, and they want to buy a cinema.”