Moves Started To Restore President’s Recreation Ground

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Moves Started To Restore President’s Recreation Ground

The San Juan Laventille Regional Corporation says it is deeply committed to preserving and restoring President’s Recreation Ground.

It explains unauthorized users have caused significant damage to the playing area, littering, erosion to the savannah surface area and other activities that have marred its beauty.

In its current state sections of the ground is unfit for certain types of activities.

The SJLRC has formulated a comprehensive plan that includes limiting unauthorized access and will enhance measures to deter unauthorized users and protect the grounds from further damage.

Restoration projects to restore the President Recreation Ground to its former glory.

This will include repairing damaged infrastructure, improving landscaping, and ensuring the facilities remain safe and welcoming for all.

The Corporation says community involvement will be pivotal in revitalizing and maintaining this valuable green space.

It will keep the community updated on progress and welcomes any input, suggestions, or offers of assistance from concerned residents.