Moonilal accuses PM of spying; says UNC was not involved in Tobago election

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Moonilal accuses PM of spying; says UNC was not involved in Tobago election

Opposition MP Dr. Roodal Moonilal is accusing the Prime Minister of spying.

During a UNC press conference on Sunday, Moonilal said he believes that’s what led Dr. Rowley to accuse the Opposition of interfering in the THA elections. But he says either way, the claims are untrue and the Prime Minister will have to answer for his conduct in Parliament.

On January 20 at Roxborough in Tobago, during a political meeting, Dr Rowley said, “I can also tell you, I am head of the National Security Council and information comes to me that goes to virtually nobody else. And if I tell you that the PDP is the proxy and bed partner of the UNC, you could take that to the bank and put it.”

Moonilal said, “We were very clear that the United National Congress was not involved. We did not have candidates, we were not campaigning. We monitored, as everybody else did, from the newspaper. “But what was frightening to us in the opposition, is that Keith Rowley, as chairman of the National Security Council, made a statement that as chairman information has come to him, which he then releases on a political platform.”

Moonilal said “In 1997 Dr Rowley filed a motion in Parliament against then prime minister Basdeo Panday accusing him of using intelligence gathered in the National Security Council and taking it on the political platform. He said ‘Be it resolved that this honourable house condemn the political use to which his security services are reportedly being put and public use by the prime minister in a political capacity of privileged information so obtained.’”

He said the opposition is considering filing a similar motion against Rowley.
Moonilal then asked “who else is Dr Rowley spying on? Is it members of the judiciary? Is it members of the protective services? Is it members of business, trade unions, youth leaders, social activists?”