Agriculture Ministry Urged To Intervene In Locust Infestation

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Agriculture Ministry Urged To Intervene In Locust Infestation

The Ministry of Agriculture is being urge to intervene immediately to end the destructive invasion of locusts in areas of Rio Claro and Mayaro.

Over the past few days, thousands of insects are said tohave swarmed the communities, destroying food crops and causing loss and great inconvenience to residents.

The Ministry’s Farm Office at Rio Claro has advised the Member of Parliament for Mayaro the infestation is part of a natural cycle of events, to be managed by spraying crops to protect them instead of killing the locusts.

However, the office is severely hamstrung by a lack of working vehicles in order to mobilise its effort.

MP Hosein called on Minister of Agriculture, Kazim Hosein, to reassign vehicles to the Rio Claro-Mayaro districts to undertake the essential assignment.

Mr Hosein said swift action by the Minister is crucial in order to protect crops and safeguard residents and he has requested the Mayaro-Rio Claro Regional Corporation to assist as best as it can.