MoH records 613 new cases of Covid 19

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MoH records 613 new cases of Covid 19

613 new cases have been added to the Covid 19 tally according to the Ministry of Health bringing the total number of cases 9,265.

These results were obtained from samples taken between May 15 and 18.

The number of covid19 cases has steadily increased from 214 cases last Monday to 668 cases being recorded last Friday.

For this week the number has increased from 344 on Monday to 509 cases on Tuesday, but dipped slightly on Wednesday, with 434 cases being reported.

The ministry’s update it was also reported three additional covid19 deaths. These brought the total number of deaths to 3,886 as of Thursday afternoon.

These fatalities were three elderly women, all of whom had comorbidities, including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, endocrine disease, neurological disease and autoimmune disease.