MoH anticipates roll-out of Covid vaccines 3 to 5 weeks after arrival

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MoH anticipates roll-out of Covid vaccines 3 to 5 weeks after arrival

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh has advised of a roll-out plan for the Covid19 vaccines, which are soon to arrive in TT.

Speaking at today’s health media briefing, he said once the vaccines are in the country, “We anticipate the rollout to hopefully begin 3-5 working days after the first batch is received.”

He said “this will allow us the time to store, do all the paperwork, get it out to the RHA’s, get it out to the sites, get it out to Tobago. We are dedicating the first week of the program to only health care workers in the frontline, those who have the highest risk of exposure, so those in the Covid hospitals, those in accident and emergency and the district health facilities.”

He said “If we can control the virus with a robust vaccination program, which we are putting in place, then life as we know it, or as we knew it before February 2020, could return to some semblance of normalcy and the sectors that have been adversely affected by the pandemic, like the bars etc, can reopen. But to do that, he said we must get a certain number of people vaccinated, so we can control the virus.”

Deyalsingh pointed out however, that we may still have to wear masks, and social distance, but what he would like to see coming out of this is no more deaths.