Minister Marion Hall to hand out bibles at Reggae Sumfest

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Minister Marion Hall to hand out bibles at Reggae Sumfest

Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, says she got some two thousand bibles to hand out during her set at this year’s Reggae Sumfest. Urban Islandz reported last month that Hall is set to return to the Sumfest stage this year after reaching a deal with organizers.

Minister Marion Hall has not performed at the premiere reggae and dancehall music festival in Jamaica since 2015, when she became the first female artist to close the event. Shortly after that historic performance, in that same year, Hall shocked her fans when she announced that she was hanging up her dancehall mic and would be getting baptized. Her decision came after attending the late J Capri’s funeral. Capri passed away from injuries she received in a motor vehicle accident.

Minister Hall hopped on Facebook Live on Wednesday night for a sermon that saw her speaking about her biggest performance in years, her upcoming set at Sumfest. She revealed that she would be performing on Night 2 with the likes of Freddie McGregor, Lieutenant Stitchie, another dancehall artist turn Minister, as well as performances from Gramps Morgan.

Aside from her plans to put on a show for her fans, Minister Hall says she will be handing out bibles to patrons.

“I want to buy about (2,000) or 3,000 Bibles and I saw one with a good deal,” she said. “The large prints are very expensive but the one that everyone can see and there’s good reviews on this, they are US$3,526 we can get 2,000. I want to take them to Sumfest with me. I want to issue out the Bibles.”

Minister Hall revealed that Reggae Sumfest’s principal, Josef Bogdanovich, gave her the green light to hand out bibles at the event. This is a major move considering Sumfest organizer, Skatta Burrell, is a self-proclaim atheist.

“I told Mr Joe from Downsound and I said that what I want is five lines or six of people and we start giving out at the front of each line and people just passing them down to the back,” she added.

After making the announcement on Live, Marion Hall has received a lot of support from her fans for the planned initiative with a lot of her followers saying they’re looking forward to seeing her in action for the first time in almost a decade.

“Can’t wait to see you perform muma its been too long, show these young girls how fi work the stage,” one fan wrote. Another added, “Yes Minister hand out the bible we island need God right now.”