Michelle Borel is teaching children the value of using Magic Words

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Michelle Borel is teaching children the value of using Magic Words

Teaching a child the simplest of things can feel like pulling teeth sometimes.

One of those simple acts of parenting, is teaching our kids good manners and the all too important magic words – which consist of Please, Thank You, Good Morning, etc.

Radio personality/marketing executive/motivational speaker-turned author Michelle Borel has written the perfect antidote for parents struggling to get their kids to remember saying these words, a book entitled ‘Magic Words with Max’ which explores the value of magic words and manners.

Speaking to izzso, Borel, a 37-year old, wife and mother of four, and wearer of many hats told us when she first discovered she had the knack for storytelling.

So where did Magic Words with Max come from?

Borel revealed that she started writing this book following an interaction she saw between her youngest child, who is one and her mother.

But this is not Borel’s first book…
When we first heard of her writing skills, she was receiving critical acclaim for a book of poems called Soulspection…A Collection of Poetry, so how did she go from a book of poetry to a children’s book?

For those that listen to Borel on the radio or even have the pleasure of speaking with her in person, she does have the art of storytelling down to a science, and it seems perfect for someone delving into children’s book. She revealed that Magic Words with Max will be the first of many children’s books.

In 2018, her book ‘Soulspection – A Collection of Poetry’ won the Bocas Lit Fest/ Newsday’s ‘Book of the Year – People’s Choice.’
What was that experience like?

As mentioned prior, Borel is in sales and marketing, also works on-air at 107.7FM, is a motivational speaker, author and of course wife and mom.
So how does one don all these hats and still find time for herself?

With 4 children, Borel clearly drew inspiration from in-house.

For someone with a book idea, but scare to put pen to paper, or fingers to computer, what advice would you give to them?