Massive Weapons And Ammunition Cache Seized In Western Division

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Massive Weapons And Ammunition Cache Seized In Western Division

Eight pistols and over 3,200 rounds of assorted ammunition were among several illegal items seized by officers during sustained anti- crime exercises conducted across the country overnight.

The massive seizure of firearms and ammunition took place in the Western Division between 12 noon and 5 pm, on Thursday and was carried out by officers of the Special Investigations Unit during an intelligence-led exercise.

During the exercise, officers executed a search warrant at Victoria Keyes Apartment Tower 2, Diego Martin, for firearms and ammunition.

The search resulted in officers finding 2,353 rounds of 9mm ammunition, 432 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, 458 rounds of .30mm ammunition, 37 rounds of .40mm ammunition, six rounds of .45mm ammunition, and one hollow point.

Officers also found eight pistols and quantities of component parts used in the manufacture of a firearm, namely a rifle stock, butt and magazine.

A male suspect who was found on the premises at the time of the search was arrested in connection with the find.

Western Division Task Force officers conducted an exercise between 11 am and 7 pm, Thursday in the St. James district, which resulted in 20 rounds of ammunition being seized from a concrete structure in the vicinity of the Belle Vue Community Centre.

Six suspects, all of St. James, who were in the structure at the time of the exercise were arrested in connection with the find.

In other exercises, Task Force officers in the Southern Division, conducted an operation in the Princes Town district, between 2pm and 9pm, yesterday, which resulted in the arrest of nine persons for various offences including possession of cocaine, possession of ammunition and possession of marijuana.

Officers also found one revolver in a bushy area along the M1 Tasker Road around 6 pm yesterday.