Pastor Clive Dottin: “I want a drug free Trinidad & Tobago”

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Pastor Clive Dottin: “I want a drug free Trinidad & Tobago”

Well known religious leader and social and community activist Pastor Clive Dottin is to in support of the proposed amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act 1994 to decriminalise specific amounts of Marijuana for personal use. Pastor Dottin speaking on Power 102 this morning said he is against any move to provide an avenue where young people in particular end up in a situation where their potential is thwarted by the unintended impact of drug

Pastor Dottin emphasised that he is also against alcohol or any other type of substance abuse that damages the brains and minds of people. He is pushing for a drug free society.

Pastor Dottin also said that those in favour of legalisation and decriminalisation are conveniently omitting to research which is widely available on the documented brain damage on many in jurisdictions that have decriminalised or legalised marijuana use.

He also highlighted the negative consequences of marijuana use including ‘amotivational syndrome’ increased accidents and other negative behaviours after continued marijuana use. Amotivational syndrome is a term that refers to a lack of desire to complete tasks, a sense of apathy about the future, poor concentration, and decreased interest in social and other activities. People who are identified as having ‘amotivational syndrome’ are ‘without motivation.There is fervent debate on the validity of marijuana use and its impact on ‘amotivations syndrome’.

He admitted that religious leaders have dropped the ball regarding societal interventions and the war against many social ills. he also said that its also very difficult for many religious leaders to pontificate given the global perspective on child abuse and other atrocities at the hands of clergy and other religious operatives.