104  Greenvale residents sue the State

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104 Greenvale residents sue the State

104 Greenvale residents have come together to take the Housing Development Corporation HDC to Court. The matter was filed at the High Court in Port of Spain on Tuesday by a team of attorneys from Trinity Law Chambers, on behalf of the 104 ­residents.

The are seeking compensation for the corporation’s alleged negligence and breach of contract stemming from the devastating floods of October 2018.

A Spokesman for some of the residents stated that ”many of the claimants are suffering from trauma, stress-related illness and ­anxiety, caused by both the flood event itself and having to live in the development which is unsafe and does not have adequate infrastructure to prevent further flooding”.

They are seeking compensation for losses and millions of dollars in combined damage they suffered from the floods in October 2018. In the matter they allege that the construction of the ­development was I’ll advised, unauthorised and unlawful since ­documentary evidence showed the HDC was repeatedly warned before construction that the site was prone to flooding and was not suitable for housing.

Millions of dollars in belongings, inclu­ding cars, household items , appliances and documents were destroyed or swept away by raging flood waters.