Martin George: There’s no evidence of a food shortage in Tobago!

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Martin George: There’s no evidence of a food shortage in Tobago!

There is no evidence to support a food shortage in Tobago according to the Head of the Tobago Business Chamber Martin George.

He says that he has no idea where all the drama is coming from since what’s happening at the Port could not affect food supplies in Tobago.

Recent media reports stated that the availability of goods in Tobago is rapidly decreasing due to the inability of the fast ferries to transport large vehicles between Trinidad and Tobago.

It said the island is currently facing shortages in the construction sector, with hardware stores running out of essential supplies like cement, blocks and sand with warehouses experiencing a scarcity in food items such as beer, soft drinks, flour and animal feed.

The issues the reports claimed, stemmed from a fire onboard the Cabo Star two weeks ago, which damaged electrical cables.

It even quoted members of the Tobago Business Chamber as officially declaring the situation a crisis.

However George told the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102 Digital this morning that he’s seen absolutely no evidence to support reports of a food crisis on the sister isle.

He went on to explain that a large percentage of the food supply makes its way to Tobago on the smaller fast ferry, therefore the issue with the Cabo Star would not affect its transport to the sister isle.

He said if there really was a food shortage due to the situation on the Port in Port of Spain that says something about food production in Tobago.

He noted that some years ago the sister isle was producing enough agricultural products to export, so he finds it hard to believe that Tobago would have a shortage of food now because of the issues at the Port.