Married couple and friend in court for attempted murder


Married couple and friend in court for attempted murder

A married couple and their friend were remanded into custody after being charged for attempted murder on Tuesday.

Twenty-three year-old Avinash Maharaj, his twenty-two year-old wife Ambika Maharaj and their twenty-two year-old friend Emmanuel Jordon were all charged for the offence.

The court heard that sometime between November 11 and 13, Avinash kidnapped a 32-year-old woman and raped her. He also falsely imprisoned her and attempted common assault on her. During the same period, the three tried to throw the woman off the bridge at Mosquito Creek.

The charges were laid indictably and the three accused, all who hail from South Oropouche, were not called upon to plea. Because a gun was used in the crimes, the Prosecutor argued against bail in accordance with the Bail Amendment Act. (Anyone charged with a criminal offence in which a gun was used is denied bail for 120 days). The prosecutor also submitted medical records of the victim and a copy of the summary of evidence. The judge denied bail to all three.

They will reappear in court on January 14, 2020.