Mark believes PM wants to subvert the independent office of the DPP

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Mark believes PM wants to subvert the independent office of the DPP

UNC Senator Wade Mark believes the Prime Minister is not happy with the Director of Public Prosecutions and may be considering getting rid of him because of the discontinuation of the Piarco Airport corruption case.

He made the remark during a UNC media briefing on Friday.

Mark accused Dr Keith Rowley of using the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) public meeting in Barataria on Thursday to launch “fire and brimstone on the Office of the DPP.”

Senator Mark made reference to Dr Rowley’s remarks when he told his supporters that even though Roger Gaspard has called for more resources for the DPP’s office, an office space has been sitting empty for over three years now.

Dr Rowley said, “You may ask what is the Government doing, you always hearing about complaints from the DPP office, not enough lawyers, not enough lawyers, I as head of the Government I remember it being said that the DPP doesn’t have space to put lawyers, what did the Cabinet do, understanding that office is an important office, the most we can do is give the resources that are available and affordable. The Government went and found executive office for the DPP over three years now, I don’t have time tonight to tell you all the story after three years of finding executive office for the DPP, not a foot step inside the office, and we paying millions of dollars in rent, I don’t want to use the words I want to use because that will tell you too much.”

Mark claimed that the Prime Minister’s “bitterness” towards Gaspard had nothing to do with any empty building, but more so with the fact that the DPP this week discontinued one of the corruption cases relating to the Piarco Airport development project.

“Dr Rowley told Trinidad and Tobago that the wheels of justice turn very slowly but they eventually turn, and he has no complaint and no problems whatsoever with what has happened in the courts re the discontinuation of the corruption case. And as he said that in one breath, in another breath, he launched an all-out assault on the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions,” Mark said.

The UNC senator said, “We wish to strongly and wrongly condemn the conduct of the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister is seeking to undermine and subvert the independent office of the DPP, is he trying to frustrate Gaspard into leaving the office of the DPP? What is the objective of the Prime Minister?”