Maduro Orders EU Ambassador to Leave Venezuela In 72 Hours After Sanctions

Maduro Orders EU Ambassador to Leave Venezuela In 72 Hours After Sanctions

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday ordered the European Union’s ambassador to leave the country within 72 hours after the EU sanctioned a group of Venezuelan officials.

According to Maduro himself, the decision was taken after the European bloc determined sanctions on regime allies, including the deputy Luis Parra, head of the Venezuelan parallel parliament established by the Chavista government.

“Who are they to apply sanctions? Who are they to impose themselves with threat?” Asked Maduro in a speech.

The European Union applied this Monday sanctions on 11 Maduro allies, which include travel restrictions to those affected by the measure. The bloc alleged threats to democracy and human rights in Venezuela. With the decision, the total number of people affected by the sanctions reaches 36.

“People added to this list are notably responsible for acting against the democratic functioning of the National Assembly”, says the European Union, in a note.

The bloc mentions the withdrawal of parliamentary immunity from Juan Guaido, president of the National Assembly and recognized as legitimate president of Venezuela by several countries that are part of the European Union.

Maduro broke relations with the United States in March 2019 and ordered American diplomats to leave Venezuela within 72 hours after Washington recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s rightful president after Guaido declared himself interim president in January 2019.

Until the last update of this report, the EU had not commented on the ambassador’s withdrawal order.