LATT backs call for gov’t to announce LGE as soon as possible

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LATT backs call for gov’t to announce LGE as soon as possible

The Law Association of T&T (LATT) is supporting public discourse surrounding the Privy Council’s ruling against government’s extension of the term of local government councilors and aldermen.

The LATT’s media release was a response to what it says was an alleged comment by Attorney General Reginald Armour that by the press misrepresenting the findings of the Privy Council to the effect that the Government had usurped people’s constitutional rights could border on contempt.

LATT stated, “…press commentary or public commentary, even if they do overstate or misinterpret the ruling of the Privy Council, would not be a contempt of court. Commentary on a matter of public importance, including even misleading or misinformed commentary, is protected by freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Furthermore, commentary on the instant decision cannot interfere with the already completed Privy Council matter and, therefore, cannot have the effect of interfering with the administration of justice.”

LATT added: “The clear implications of the Privy Council’s ruling are that the Government must call local government elections as soon as possible and must consider validating legislation to remedy any illegality that may have ensued as a result of the postponement of local government elections.