Landlord finds decomposing body in Sangre Grande home

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Landlord finds decomposing body in Sangre Grande home

The decomposing body of an elderly male was found at a house in Sangre Grande on Sunday.

The body was found in a semi-prone position with the left hand on the bed, the right hand below the body, the left leg crunched to the chest, the right leg bent onto the left foot and the head decomposed beyond recognition. He was clad in a dark-coloured T-shirt and a dark-coloured three-quarter pants.

Police reported that the deceased was last seen alive by his landlord approximately one week ago.

The woman told police that for the last two days, there was a foul stench emanating on the premises but she thought the foul stench to be that of a dead rodent.

However, on Sunday morning she decided to make some checks and discovered the decomposing body.

A report was made to the Sangre Grande police and the responding officers observed the body of the deceased in his room in an advanced stage of decomposition.

An autopsy will be performed to determine cause of death.