KMC refuses to comment on ‘Happy People’ controversy

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KMC refuses to comment on ‘Happy People’ controversy

The co-writer of Iwer George’s “Happy People” single, Ken Marlon Charles (KMC) has refused to comment directly on the controversy.

Speaking this morning on the Mid–Morning Heat on Boom Champions 94.1fm, he responded to the controversy surrounding the song.

While he acknowledged that he co-wrote the song he insisted that he was not the one to respond to the concerns and criticisms that have been leveled against the song on social media since its release.

However he was in high praise of Iwer’s skill and knowledge of the musical landscape as a writer suggesting that he was well aware of what was to come with the song.

In an article in the Express Newspaper this morning Iwer himself also shied away from responding to criticisms of the song saying that “now is not the time to answer” such questions..

In fact he said that he was avoiding all calls from the media.