800-year-old mummy seized from man in Peru

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800-year-old mummy seized from man in Peru

Police have seized a mummified person in Peru after the man claimed they were in a relationship and kept it in a knapsack.

26-year-old Julio Cesar Bermejo claims he cared for the mummy named “Juanita” for 30 years after his father originally brought it home.

According to Euronews, the mummy sleeps beside Bermejo in his bedroom, says he takes “great care of it,” and calls it his “spiritual girlfriend.”

However, researchers revealed that the mummy is a 45-year-old male and should be called “Juan” instead.

Additionally, it is believe that he is approximately 600-800 years old and found wrapped in bandages and in a fetal position. Peruvian police encountered the remains after spotting Bermejo with it in a public area.