Karen Nunez Tesheira says lawsuit wont stop her

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Karen Nunez Tesheira says lawsuit wont stop her

PNM political leader candidate Karen Nunez-Teshiera says her campaign has not been put on hold pending her legal challenge against the party.

Nunez-Tesheira and her slate of candidates filed a lawsuit against the party claiming that the changes to its internal elections protocols were contrary to the party’s constitution.

She added in the lawsuit that several decisions by the party’s election supervisory committee were unfair and against the interest of transparency.

These she said included not allowing candidates or their representatives to witness the counting of ballots and the failure to distribute polling lists with contact information to all candidates.

She alleged that the committee has also failed to meet various timelines which it implemented regarding the distribution of election information to candidates.

Speaking on Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show, she shut down any ideas that her campaign has been put on hold pending the outcome of the litigation.

Invoking the name of the PNM’s founding father, Dr Eric Williams, Mrs Nunez-Tesheira claimed that she plans to continue doing what she believes is best for the party.