Remaining COVID restrictions to be removed soon

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Remaining COVID restrictions to be removed soon

On the heels of the declaration by the World Health Organization on May 5th that Covid19 was no longer a public health emergency, the T&T government is set to remove all remaining regulations.

The Prime Minister said changes to the Covid19 regulations will be announced on Friday.

Speaking at a media conference at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s on Tuesday, Dr Rowley said most of T&T’s Covid19 responses had already been removed, with those still in place carded to continue until June.

However, he said this did not mean Covid19 is no longer in circulation and cannot still pose a threat.

He said: “The virus of covid19 has taken the status of other infections, other infecting agents we might know about, which are circulating, and if you get infected with them, they can threaten your life…Countries need to transition into long-term management of its effect and its presence.”

“In consultation with the CMO and the Minister of Health,and before the end of the week, the Minister of Health and the Attorney General will take steps to remove the restrictions which are in place. We are going to discontinue virtually all of those, and the requirements for covid19 testing to travel and enter the country and things like that.

“The only thing we think we will keep is in the health system, where it is prudent to keep masks on so as to protect patients and employees.”

He said by Friday into the weekend the AG would have the opportunity to redo the legislation and regulations.

“They’ll come to me and I’ll sign off on that, and the Ministry of Health, guided by the CMO, we will determine what little vestige we keep.

“But we have to tell ourselves covid19 has not gone. It has receded considerably, and we would live with it, as the rest of the world is at this point in time.”

“It’s pretty much on its way out. Let’s hope it keeps going in that direction, and becomes part of our historical and health record.”

Thee Health Ministry said covid19 continues to circulate at a very low level.

“Transmission continues to be classified as community in nature. Morbidity and mortality from covid19 have been on downward trends, in keeping with the global epidemiology picture over the last few months.”

The ministry urged people to continue to follow the public health measures, unvaccinated people to get vaccinated, and vaccinated people to get boosted.