Kamla calls Rowley a “vaccine vagrant” and demands he sends citizens back to work

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Kamla calls Rowley a “vaccine vagrant” and demands he sends citizens back to work

Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has referred to the Prime Minister as a “vaccine vagrant.”

In a release on Saturday, shortly after the Prime Minister’s press conference, she said: “Today an unkempt and grubby looking Keith Rowley has again shown himself to be willing to say anything to distract from the fact that he and his failed medical team have no plan to take us out of this crisis.”

The release stated, “Vaccine vagrant Keith Rowley continues to operate like a con man who keeps telling you next week, next week he will get something done.
Neither he nor his propaganda team expressed any regret or condolences about the 866 persons who have died from COVID-19, 640 having died in the last 50 days alone.”

“The data the propaganda team produced, however, definitively shows that the failed mass vaccination attempt from the Government’s disastrous con game on the 6th of June panned out exactly as we had warned, sadly. The largest spike we have ever had in this country occurred precisely 14 days later. The failed Health Team bears responsibility for these deaths.”

She added that “Just a few weeks ago Keith Rowley addressed the nation and claimed that 800,000 vaccines would be heading our way from the African Union Now he says that the total figure will in fact be given to CARICOM as a whole with T&T set to receive about 200,000. Yet he does not know when it will arrive.”

“How long does Rowley and his failed team think they can sell the same tired story of “no significant change in cases and next week we hope for better”? There appears to be no urgency to save the livelihoods of thousands of our citizens who are on the verge of losing everything as a result of Rowley’s callous lockdowns,” she added.

The UNC leader said “The people of this nation have given up their constitutional rights, their ability to earn a salary and the opportunity to provide for their families yet 8 weeks later we have seen no improvement because of the incompetence of those in charge.
I again call on the government to let all citizens get back to work so they can earn an income to feed their families. The country and our citizens cannot go on suffering this way.”