Juteram: Clean-Up efforts halted due to lack of water!

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Juteram: Clean-Up efforts halted due to lack of water!

Clean-up efforts are continuing in Sangre Grande one of the worst hit areas following recent torrential rains.

Water-soaked beds, clothing, furniture and appliances were surrounded by sludge and stagnant water.

Brown lines along the walls showed how high the flood waters had reached the day before.

The passage of a tropical wave over Trinidad and Tobago early Wednesday morning caused torrential rainfall that led to rivers over-topping their banks in various parts of Trinidad.

In Sangre Grande, high tide exacerbated the problem, and led to water streaming along several streets and into the yards and homes of residents.

Various communities such as Guaico, Vega De Oropouche, Fishing Pond, Coalmine and Manzanilla have been affected.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning, Chairman of the Sangre-Grande Regional Corporation, Anil Juteram said that there have been some issues with clean-up exercises.

He said that a lack of water has hampered clean-up efforts, and even though water has returned to some households residents are still finding difficult to deal with the mess.

He said based on the interruption in the water supply, forecasted rainfall today would only help the situation.