Jack Warner loses extradition appeal

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Jack Warner loses extradition appeal

Former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner says he will continue to challenge the United States request for his extradition despite failing to have it halted through a Privy Council appeal.

Warner went to the Privy Council to appeal the dismissal of his lawsuit challenging the extradition request.

However, his appeal was also dismissed there as the judges upheld the decisions of T&T’s High Court and Court of Appeal.

The 5 judges ruled that that contrary to Warner’s claim, this country’s extradition treaty with the US did not contradict the Extradition Act.

They also dismissed claims that former Attorney General Faris Al Rawi acted unfairly in his handling of the US extradition request for Warner.

The ruling now clears the way for the resumption of extradition proceedings which were put on hold during the appeal.

In a statement issued this morning, Warner however said he would continue to challenge the legality of the proposed extradition.

He maintained his confidence in his legal team and added that he is certain that he will “prevail in the end”.

Warner, a former National Security Minister, is accused of 12 charges related to fraud, racketeering and engaging in illegal wire transfers.

The offences are alleged to have taken place over more than 2 decades while Warner was at FIFA.

News Power Now contacted Warner this morning but he had little to say on the matter.