Investigation launched into police actions at mosque

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Investigation launched into police actions at mosque

The Head of the Police Complaints Authority has confirmed that an report has been made regarding the actions of police officers at a mosque in Diego Martin.

A group of officers allegedly desecrated a makeshift mosque during a hunt for a suspect in the shooting death of PC Clarence Gilkes.

The Muslims, who are participating in fasting for the month of Ramadan, alleged that a group of officers entered the mosque without producing a warrant and then threw their holy books on the ground.

They also alleged that the officers also walked into their prayer area with their boots on, disrespecting Islamic culture.

One of the Muslims also claimed that an officer assaulted him by placing a hand in his face and then slapping him on the chest.

The officers also allegedly smashed a watermelon that the Muslims were going to prepare for the breaking of fast that evening.

News Power Now spoke with head of the PCA, David West, who confirmed that an investigation has been launched into the incident and the claims arising out of it.

He was unable to give further information on the status of the investigation but did confirm that a report had been received.

Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob has also assured that the claims will be investigated.

In a media release, Commissioner Jacob noted that he takes the allegations very seriously, adding officers must respect all religious groups as they conduct their duties.