ILP to call membership meeting to discuss dissolving party


ILP to call membership meeting to discuss dissolving party

The Independent Liberal Party (ILP) has confirmed the announcement made by its political leader Jack Warner Monday night that it will dissolve the party to allow its supporters to return to the United National Congress (UNC).

The ILP said it has always been its objective “to do what is best for our country”.

“Mrs Kamla Persad Bissessar and the United National Congress have been fighting tirelessly to remove the PNM. The ILP shares the vision of the UNC for a better Trinidad and Tobago, for a land where the people can feel safe again, where food is affordable, where health care saves lives. It is now time for the ILP to join forces with the UNC to achieve those objectives,” the party’s general secretary Indra Maraj said in a media release.

She added, “Last night was the first step towards a united movement. The warm welcome, love and support received last night was breathtaking. This morning we continue to receive calls and messages from people who are immensely pleased with our decision and are pledging their support, reaffirming their commitment to contribute towards this common goal.”

She continued, “The second step will be to call a meeting of our membership, dissolve the ILP so that our membership is free to become members of the UNC. This fight shall be under one banner, under one party, under one leader; for today, for tomorrow and for our country.”

Warner made a return to the UNC on Monday night, mounting a platform at the Centre of Excellence, ten years after he resigned from the UNC and formed the ILP.