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Gruesome murders discovered in Penal house

A gruesome discovery was made by 21year ol Visham Mohammed in a house, when the bodies of his parents and Uncle yesterday.
The 21 year old Vishad Mohammed made the horrific find of the decomposing bodies of his mother , father and a man believed to be their uncle with gunshot wounds, they had all been shot to death in a house in Clarke road Penal.
Clarke road Penal [/caption

Two children were also discovered alive in the house with the bodies of their parents and uncle. The siblings elder brother Vishad found the bodies of his parents 57 year old scrap iron dealer Wazir Mohammed and his wife Shelly and his 43 year old brother Nizam.

The Three bodies and the infants were in a house behind a partial galvanized fence. The bodies were in the early stages of decomposition suggesting they may have been there for days. Police secured the crime scene and commenced investigations into the county’s latest murders.