Griffith says PM lying; no link to legal ammo imports to increased crime

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Griffith says PM lying; no link to legal ammo imports to increased crime

NTA leader, Gary Griffith said the Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley is once again trying to mislead the nation as he is attempting to link an increase in legal importation of ammunition to increased crime.

In a release on Friday morning, Griffith said Rowley’s contention that the increase in ammunition amounted to more for civilian use is a LIE, since the maximum allowed is 50 per FUL holder.

“This means that with some 4,000 FULs issued under my watch, the ammunition allowed was 4000 X 50, which is not even close to the 58 million that Rowley is claiming,” says Griffith.

“That figure, if true, is an indication that the TTPS and the TTDF simply asked for more ammunition and it was granted to them, which is documented. And the facts are, when legally imported ammunition is found on a crime scene, it is never from civilian issue, but from ammunition issued to law-enforcement agencies.

Griffith added, “Legal firearms are ballistically tested, so should they be used in a crime, they have a ‘fingerprint’ that not only identifies the gun, but marks the ammunition fired from that gun, which is why, in the past year, 100% of murders committed with the use of firearms have been confirmed to be with illegal firearms. A point that Keith Rowley continues to avoid.”

“Ironically, if there is an issue with ammunition, then that is as a result of the shutting down of the plastic FUL card which electronically contained all information pertaining to firearms, including the amount of ammunition a FUL holder has.”

Griffith said, “This electronic card was put in place under my watch and immediately shut down after I left, so if anyone is to blame, it is McDonald Jacob, who was this government’s choice after my contract ended.”

“Having failed to make a believable argument against legal firearm ownership, Rowley is now shifting to focus on ammunition, which he claims is being supplied through legitimate means to criminals, which is easily refuted by asking the question,” Griffith noted.

He said if criminals can get illegal guns, what prevents them from getting illegal ammunition?

“It is also a very good example of Rowley’s poor leadership as what he’s really trying to deflect from, is his failure to protect the borders, which has resulted in the illegal acquisition of guns and ammunition, responsible for the highest murder rate, in our country’s history,” concluded Griffith.