Griffith calls injunction against police promotions “baseless”

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Griffith calls injunction against police promotions “baseless”

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said the court was running the police service more than him.

His comment followed an injunction served against him, which put a pause to the planned promotion of 39 sergeants to the rank of inspector on Tuesday.

The injunction was filed by 29 officers who are challenging the Order of Merit list.

Speaking at the promotion ceremony for assistant commissioners of police and senior superintendents, Griffith mentioned the court action, saying that far too many matters are filed by officers over grievances for overtime, transfers and other administrative issues.

He said that since assuming office in August 2018, he has been served with over 240 lawsuits – many from police officers – and while it was the legal right of officers to challenge him, he urged for a change in mindset.

The latest case comes up for hearing before Justice Betsy-Ann Lambert-Peterson in the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain on Wednesday.

Griffith said the volume of court case led him to spend more time in court rather than running the police service. He said the system has to change or else it would stagnate the service. He said the court was running the service more than him.

He urged officers to put service before self and help bring that needed change to the service to improve checks and balances, manage performance and make officers accountable.