Grenada Receives US$200,000 From Venezuela to Purchase COVID-19 Vaccines

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Grenada Receives US$200,000 From Venezuela to Purchase COVID-19 Vaccines

On the heels of a donation of medical equipment and supplies by the People’s Republic of China, Grenada has received another hefty donation, this time from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Oliver Joseph, has described Venezuela as a genuine friend to Grenada after disclosing that it is one of the countries that has presented the island with cash to help purchase COVID-19 vaccines.

“I wish to point out and highlight the contribution of the people and the Government of Venezuela. We know what Venezuela is going through, we know the blockade against Venezuela, we know all the protests that are taking place and Mr speaker, Venezuela has donated US$200,000 to Grenada for the purchase of vaccines in this difficult time,” Joseph told members during Tuesday’s sitting of the Lower House of Parliament.

“That is a genuine friend, a friend in need and a friend indeed,” said Joseph who also informed the sitting that members of ALBA recently met to discuss the situation of members created by COVID-19 and all members agreed to work collectively to help one another with this current situation.

Additionally, Venezuela kindly donated a number of rapid test kits and antibody tests to Grenada as part of its contribution to help test suspected cases of COVID-19.

Other countries have also been in line, given generously to Grenada, providing assistance to the country through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Minister shared that Cuba sent medical personnel to help deal with the COVID-19 while China donated PPEs and other items to help in the fight against COVID-19. Also, the Caribbean country received millions in loans or grants from international and or regional donors to assist in controlling and containing the spread of COVID-19 since it was declared a pandemic during the first quarter of 2020.