Gov’t reviewing the requirements to receive a taxi badge

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Gov’t reviewing the requirements to receive a taxi badge

Anyone who wants to operate a vehicle for hire is being asked to go through the legal process.

This from Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan.

Following the death of teenager Ashanti Riley, who was found dead days after boarding a PH taxi in San Juan to go visit her grandmother, the issue of PH taxis and transportation is now in the spotlight.

But, Sinanan said the government does not control PH taxis.
He said “I cannot speak about PH drivers because PH drivers are not regulated. That is an issue that is outside of the law and the police will have to speak about that, because that is an enforcement matter.”

However, in an interview with the Newsday, Sinanan said his ministry is revisiting the requirements to acquire a taxi badge as well as the length of time the process takes.

He said “The government has a regulatory system for taxis or any vehicle for hire which is that you have to go and apply for a taxi badge and that allows you, with all the checks and balances to assure that you are a person of a character to be able to transport people from one point to the next, so there is a system in place for that.”

“Government is working towards improving aspects of the transportation system, including working with the PTSC to get to a higher standard and were working with the maxi-taxi associations on a new line of maxi-taxi routes,” he said.