Government to strengthen border security with US assistance

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Government to strengthen border security with US assistance

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said there’s a plan to strengthen the country’s border security.

Speaking during a post-Cabinet press conference on Thursday, the PM said: “We plan to improve our northern and eastern patrolling capacity by having a more modern facility in Tobago. And, we did ask the United States to help us in the technical side of that, and as soon as that is over the Government will move towards constructing a more modern and effective Coast Guard presence in Tobago.”

He added that currently, technical people from the United States are in Tobago helping to select the site and to also move forward with the design and construction.

“When we do get that it will make it much easier and more effective for us to patrol one of the areas where we do get some significant unauthorized entry.”

He said in addition to receiving some small crafts from the United States, the country’s national security agencies are receiving a lot of training opportunities, and are moving towards having its vetted staff in the police service interact with and share information on crime fighting with the United States’ agencies and their personnel.

“All of this can only be to the good of the people of Trinidad and Tobago safety and security.”