Kia run out she whole self with a wig line!!

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Kia run out she whole self with a wig line!!

Kia Hosein aka Rankin Kia Boss as she’s widely known by her fans and followers has pushed the envelope one more time!

This time the social media influencer created her very own hair and wig line.

Yep! That’s right Kia ‘run out she whole self’ and created a wig line for you lovely ladies.

A wig coloured and installed by Kia – ‘Kolor is Amazing’

IzzSo Media spoke with Kia over the weekend to get the inside scoop behind the new venture and what customers can expect with the new hair line and why she decided to go into the beauty business.

Kia named the line ‘Kolor is Amazing and boasts of treating, colouring and installing the wigs herself.

She also attends to natural and relaxed hair.

Besides hair and makeup Kia also runs a family catering business called ‘Kia’s Grill’ and of course you can catch her daily Facebook live commentary for the latest gossip.

Check out Kia discussing her wig line ‘Kolor is Amazing’.

Kia also disclosed that she’s set to add a bleaching cream and tablets to her line of beauty items – which she said she began using on herself to remove dark spots.