Gopeesingh wants full disclosure on COVID-19 deaths

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Gopeesingh wants full disclosure on COVID-19 deaths

Former UNC MP, Dr Tim Gopeesingh is demanding that government account for the Covid19 death surge in the last 80 days and wants officials to say if these deaths could have been prevented.

Speaking at a UNC press conference on Sunday, Gopeesingh also pointed out that relatives of those that have died from the virus at hospital, are now considering their legal options against government via the Freedom of Information law, in order to get full disclosure on the management of their relatives and their deaths.

Gopeesingh said he wants to know how many died at home, in ambulances or tents outside hospitals awaiting test results and how many died at ICU/HDU units.

He is also seeking the number of deaths due to “serious system mismanagement” by Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh and his team, how many who were admitted to ICU/HDUs are alive today and whether May-July death surges are related to the North Central Health Authority’s April removal of the six senior doctors from the Couva hospital.

Gopeesingh added that with some contemplating action to get full disclosure on the management of their loved ones and their passing, action would extend to agents of the state, including doctors.

He said he was contacted by 25 people who said they couldn’t get a call from hospitals or get through the system to ascertain what was going on with their ill relatives.

“One got a call after 21 days and their relative had died.”

Gopeesingh said government needs to institute a communication team to speak with families.