Gonzales: PM info not compromised in TSTT cyber-attack!

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Gonzales: PM info not compromised in TSTT cyber-attack!

Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales has revealed that the Prime Minister’s information has not been compromised and is not available on the dark web contrary to reports in the media.

He shared the information on the Power Breakfast Show this morning.

According to reports in the media Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s identification card number, his driver’s permit number and his passport number were found to be compromised in TSTT’s data breach.

It said the Excel document also had his birth date and a PO box address for him as Prime Minister.

Reports claimed that the information was contained in 6GB of data from TSTT which was uploaded to the dark web, following a cyber-attack on the company on October 9.

The data bundle includes scans, a list of names and credentials.

The Prime Minister was said to be one of hundreds of customers whose data has been posted online following the data breach at the telecommunications company.

However Minister Gonzales revealed this morning that the Prime Minister is not on the dark web.

He explained that he called for an independent investigation in the public’s interest given the fact that initial information placed in the public domain by TSTT following the cyber-attack was incorrect.

He feels that the public would not place trust in an investigation by TSTT.