Geneticist endorses present T&T COVID travel measures

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Geneticist endorses present T&T COVID travel measures

Geneticist Dr Nicole Ramlachan says the Government is doing what it can to strike a balance between securing and ensuring public health and displaying empathy for the travelling public and returning citizens.

She made the comment amid concerns by the public that the current COVID travel measures are inadequate.

The concerns stem from the discovery of a Delta positive traveller who was able to go straight home after arrival because they were vaccinated and had provided a negative PCR test.

Dr Ramlachan concurred with former Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan and virologist Dr Chris Oura that because of the virus’ development timeline, it is almost logistically impossible to prevent the entry of the virus into the country.

She added that the best method to eliminate the risk of Delta spread may not necessarily be the most practical solution.