Gary to PM: “Yuh name man!”

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Gary to PM: “Yuh name man!”

Former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says people are coming to conclusions in his case against the Prime Minister based on political affiliations rather than right versus wrong and natural justice.

His comment comes after he won an injunction yesterday barring Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley from revealing the contents of a controversial audit report into the TTPS’s Firearm Users Licence Unit conducted while Griffith was Commissioner.

Speaking on Power 102 this morning, he was asked to respond to a poll which saw a slim majority of respondents disagree with the Court’s decision to grant an injunction preventing the Prime Minister laying any part of the Firearms Report in Parliament.

Mr Griffith added that he has no problem with Dr Rowley commenting on the audit report but is challenging him to do so outside of Parliament where his comments are not protected by the veil of Parliamentary Privilege.