Gary Griffith: I have never been a ‘yes man’

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Gary Griffith: I have never been a ‘yes man’

Former COP Gary Griffith has rubbished suggestions that he had a major fallout with former Minister of National Security Stuart Young. He was responding to suggestions stemming from the leaked excerpts of the correspondence sent by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley to former Chair of the PSC Bliss Seepersad. Mr Griffith told Power 102 Newsroom that as COP his part of his job was to advise the Minister on operational issues, and while they may not always have agreed, he did so in the interest of effective law enforcement…

He also said he did his job to the best of his ability and the results spoke for itself. He said he is not now , nor ever will be a ‘yes man’ ….

he also confirmed that his attorneys have written to the new PSC to ensure that the merit list prepared by the then Bliss Seepersad led commission be forwarded to her Excellency the President to be sent to Parliament for debate on a COP.