Patriotic Awaits Response From TPHL

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Patriotic Awaits Response From TPHL

Patriotic Energy Services Company Limited submitted an interest and proposal to TPHL on February 2, 2023.

It says it has since then been in regular communication with  Andre Da Breau, General Manager of Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Limited, who was given the responsibility of dealing with the sale of the Refinery and liaising with Patriotic.

The last communication from Mr. Da Breau was November 4, 2023, when he indicated he would respond to our last correspondence.

In an email dated November 4, 2023, Da  Breau, in response to the information shared, stated, “Thanks for this, Mr Warwick; I will review and get back to you accordingly”. To date, we have not heard from TPHL. Therefore, the statements of the Prime Minister are not accurate and very surprising as Patriotic’s proposal is still before TPHL and awaiting a response.

Patriotic sent a letter February 29, 2024, enquiring as to the status of our proposal and awaits their response.

Patriotic says it continues to be interested in acquiring the Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery and has publicly indicated such many times.