Cement prices going up

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Cement prices going up

If you’re in construction, or about to construct your new home, then brace for another increase in the cost of cement come March 20th.

Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL), the lone cement supplier in T&T has announced that the ex-factory prices will increase by five per cent for ECO cement and eight per cent for premium plus.
That means respective increases per 42.5kg bag of $2.08 to $43.65, and $3.54 to $47.83, before VAT.

This latest increase follows the one made in December 2021, when TCL raised the price of a 42.5kg bag of ECO cement by eight per cent to $43.71 VAT-inclusive, and by 15 per cent to $46.56 VAT-inclusive for premium of the same weight. There was an increase in August 2022, when prices went up by seven per cent.

The company, according to a Newsday report, said their total expenses continues to rise, along with key items such as refractory bricks and electronic parts for which in some cases, the prices have been doubled because of the energy crisis in Europe, triggered by the Russia/Ukraine war.

Despite the impending increase, TCL said that its cement prices, are considerably lower than its prices seven years ago.