Four murdered in Penal

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Four murdered in Penal

Detectives of the Homicide Bureau of Region III are investigating the killings of four men in Penal, three of whom were killed during the early hours of this morning.

At around 4 a.m. men pretending to be police officers forced three men to lie face down on the ground in a yard at Matura Avenue and executed them.

They were shot in their heads.

The triple murder victims have been identified by police as Anand Kumar, 42, Kishore Kumar, 18, and Rolly Hosein, 26.

On Monday night, a man was also killed at Clarke Road.

That victim was identified as Adesh Heeralal, 28.

Heeralal was in his house on E Wilson Road when at around 7.45 pm a man came to his gate and called out to him.

Moments after Heeralal walked out, he was shot on the street. His family took him to the hospital where he died.