Firebombed police officer will receive assistance

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Firebombed police officer will receive assistance

As investigations continue into the motive behind the firebombing of a police officer’s home, his colleagues are already mobilizing to offer him assistance.

Sgt Jaipersad Baran’s home was firebombed around 2.30 am on Thursday while he, his wife and their three children were asleep in the house.

Police said Baran, 45, was jolted out of his sleep by a loud explosion.

Through a door on the side of the house, he saw the garage on fire.

While Baran tried to put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher, his wife threw the two gas tanks outside the house.

She then grabbed their children, ages 12, ten and seven, and ran to safety.

Despite Baran’s attempts to quell the flames, the fire spread to his house, causing significant damage.

Villagers came out with their buckets and hoses but they were no match for the blaze.

Assistant Police Commissioner with responsibility for Operations, Joanne Archie, told News Power Now that the affected officer will receive as much support as possible.

This was confirmed by head of the Police Welfare Association, Inspector Gideon Dickson, who said while he was not yet personally involved in aiding the officer, the process will ensure that Sgt Baran receives both physical and psychological assistance.