Fire razes Otaheite home leaving 5 people homeless

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Fire razes Otaheite home leaving 5 people homeless

Fire officials are trying to ascertain what caused the fire that completely destroyed an Otaheite home, leaving a family of five homeless.

Ryan Rambhajan, his girlfriend Celine Deonarine, parents Dexter and Maugloutie Rambhajan, and brother, Naresh Rambhajan, were lucky to escape with their lives.

Ryan, in a Newsday report, said around 9 am, his mother, who is a corn vendor, was in the kitchen of their home at Steve Solomon Ghany Drive, preparing boiled and roast corn for sale, when she heard a sound like glass breaking.

He said Celine and Naresh were also on the ground floor of the wooden and concrete building. Ryan explained, “We live next to a factory, so my mother thought the sound was coming from there.”

When it persisted and she smelled fire, she told Naresh to investigate. “By this time the house was already ablaze. They could not save anything except their lives.”

By the time the fire services responded, there was nothing left. “Right now, we have nothing,” said Ryan.

“We have nothing. We were able to save nothing,” Ryan said as he appealed for help to rebuild. He said while all of the five are adults, none of them has a permanent job.

Councillor for Otaheite/ Rousillac Javed Mohammed visited the distressed family and offered immediate assistance.

Mohammed said through the office of Fyzabad MP Dr Lackram Bodoe and the Disaster Management Unit (DMU) at the Siparia Borough Corporation, the family was provided with mattresses and other emergency supplies. He said the family rescued two vehicles, but nothing else.

Mohammed also said the corporation is helping to equip an empty nearby structure for the Rambhajans to occupy temporarily while they try to recoup.

He said letters have been written to the Ministry of Social Development and Self-Help for assistance.
Anyone wishing to assist the family can contact Ryan at 3451755.